South Side Science Festival

Interactive Demos

See below for some examples of the many exciting activities and demos at this year's festival.


Learn about the incredible jellyfish! Molecular geneticist Elizabeth Lee will introduce you to the jiggly marine creatures in a fun and safe space.

Practice CPR

Practice CPR skills and listen to heart and lung sounds as UChicago’s Simulation Center shows you how ordinary people can save lives.

Quantum games

Quantum concepts are notoriously hard to explain and understand, so play games that can help anyone wrap their brains around mind-bending quantum physics.

Ultrasound scavenger hunt

Embark on an ultrasound scavenger hunt and see a real Geiger counter in action as medical physics grad student Gia Jadick helps you peek inside the field of radiology.

Battle against AI

Think you can beat artificial intelligence in a game of skill? Grad student Baiyang Dai will lead rounds of “Battle against AI.”

Bubble physics

What do bubbles have to do with string theory? Learn physics while blowing bubbles with grad student Harry Fosbinder-Elkins.

Jump in VR

Imagine leaping over a fence in virtual reality. It looks like you’re jumping high—but does it feel like it? Computer scientist Pedro Lopes and his Human-Computer Integration Lab will demo the JumpMod—a mechanical backpack that makes jumping feel more real in virtual reality.

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